PHSE partner of the commissarial structure for the urgent transport of anti covid-19 vaccines in Italy

PHSE, italian excellence in temperature-controlled transport of vaccines, pharmaceutical, biological products and clinical trials at a global level, is partner of the commissarial structure in the urgent transport of anti-covid vaccines from the main storage centers to vaccinal hubs throughout the italian territory

PHSE, a leading company in pharmaceutical logistics controlled by entrepreneur Eddy De Vita and participated by NB Aurora – which indirectly holds a 30.8% stake – as well as by the three founding partners Andrea Cerchia, Carlo Cerchia and Gianluca Meneguzzi, was selected by the Commissarial Structure for the COVID-19 Emergency for the management of the strategic stock and the possible redistribution of surpluses between vaccination hubs to ensure the regular progress of the vaccination campaign. Since the beginning of August 2021 PHSE has been supplying extensively a wide range of health facilities across all Italian territories with dedicated transport services at 2-8°C, -20°C or in dry ice at -80 °C and urgent deliveries, coordinated by the Commissioner Structure, to which PHSE offers operational assistance 24/7.

The choice of the Commissarial Structure to rely on PHSE represents an important recognition of the company which stands out in the pharmaceutical temperature-controlled logistics sector for its strong specialization and its ability to respect deadlines of rigorous delivery, in line with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular related to the guarantee of traceability and compliance with temperature.

PHSE puts at the service of the Commissarial Structure a consolidated pharmaceutical transport network with over 300 owned vehicles and 13 GDP compliant warehouses in Italy. In addition to the vehicles in the fleet, all equipped with a double self-contained refrigerating unit bulkhead, isothermal boxes and security systems, there is also packaging with qualified passive solutions, complete with dataloggers, in order to guarantee the temperature range required by the product inside.

The company offers a qualified and competent organization, which utilizes exclusively its own staff, and which collaborates with all of the most important pharmaceutical companies, to provide more than 5000 deliveries per day to Italian hospitals across the country. The fundamental transport parameters such as temperature and position can be monitored in real time through two IT platforms of Web Tracking and Control Tower, validated by an external body according to GAMP5 and the use of dataloggers for recording the temperature parameters of each individual shipment.

Eddy De Vita, President of PHSE, commented: “The involvement by the Commissarial Structure for the COVID-19 Emergency is for us an important recognition of the high level of quality and reliability of our services – explains Eddy De Vita, President of PHSE – as well as being a source of pride and responsibility. I would like to point out that PHSE has been active since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure the supply of medicines, both to hospitals and at home, and to reach patients directly on behalf of the most important pharmaceutical companies. The management of the strategic stock and the urgent transport of anti-Covid vaccines is added to the customer portfolio of PHSE which in the 2-8°C distribution is confirmed as the market leader in Italy. Internationally, PHSE is one of the few providers specializing exclusively in the biopharma segment and in the management of shipments (by air, land and sea) of pharmaceutical products and clinical trial supplies in support of clinical research, at any temperature required.”

PHSE closed 2020 reaching +14% in turnover (compared to 2019) and for 2021 it expects to achieve further significant growth, driven by new acquisitions, a strong development of its traditional businesses like Global Forwarding and Home Care, and the commencement of new activities such as the transportation ofradiopharmaceuticals.


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