New Transit Point in Italy for PHSE

PHSE, a leader in temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceuticals, biotech, clinical trials and biological samples serving the hospital channel, opens a new important distribution transit point in Vicenza, northeastern Italy. The new platform replaces the previous site in Padua and represents, above all, a new reference hub for last-mile distribution to hospitals, patients and laboratories in the Triveneto region.

The fully refrigerated platform of more than 1,000 square metres includes a +15/+25 °C warehouse, a +2/+8 °C pre-cold room, and a 50 square metres cold room for the management of goods requiring specialist cold chain solution. The platform utilizes state of the art monitoring technology that enables real-time visibility at all stages of the end-to-end supply chain, frominbound to delivery to hospitals and patients’ homes. “By taking advantage of its strategic positioning, close to the Milan-Venice highway, and the PHSE network’s RFID technology, the Vicenza branch will further improve the already optimal delivery lead times in the Triveneto region and, through RFID reading of inbound and outbound tags, the traceability of individual packages for greater accuracy, visibility, speed in product tracking and patient safety“, said Paolo Gagliardi La Gala, Head of Quality at PHSE.

These are all extremely valuable features and technologies for pharmaceutical industries, which require rigorous adherence to high standards of quality and safety along the entire distribution network.

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