PHSE unveils new logo

Milan, March 13th 2023

PHSE today unveils a renewed visual identity, centred on a new modern, distinctive logo, with a feature that immediately stands out.

This rebranding, which redesigns the PHSE brand, originates from the desire to express and fully represent its identity, the tradition of the company with over 20 years of history and future direction. The payoff “Delivering life science” reflects the Group’s ambition to help save and improve the lives of people around the world by making treatment accessible to anyone who needs it.

The two pills logo symbolises the company’s strong vertical specialisation in the healthcare sector. Founded in 1999, PHSE has diversified and grown to become an international player in time and
temperature critical logistics, focusing on cool chain last mile distribution, clinical trials logistics, cell and gene therapy logistics, radiopharmaceutical logistics, direct-to-patient services, and a host of specialist logistics services across the life sciences sector.

The first element of the new symbol, blue, celebrates the company’s absolute dedication, since its inception, to the 2-8°C and sub-zero cold chain. The red pill encapsulates PHSE’s evolution towards a distribution mix capable of embracing innovative, efficiency- and digitisation-oriented solutions for the hospital channel, also in the 15-25°C transport.

The pink drop, the last element, is the fusion of human capital skills with attention to environmental issues, which represent the roots that have enabled the company’s success.

The ‘all’, the fast forward arrow, sums up the promise that PHSE makes to the market on a daily basis: respect for temperatures, reliability of services, punctual deliveries, competence. But also speed, development of international presence and a continuous approach to innovation that has always distinguished it and allowed it to excel where others fail.

The new logo will be used on all touchpoints, starting with the vehicle fleet, which is being further expanded with new, latest-generation, low environmental impact vehicles, and the new company website, enriched with the complete offer of integrated logistics solutions for the health sector.

The logo has been revamped, but the convictions that have guided the company’s actions over the years remain unchanged: focus on quality and service for customers and patients, and deep respect for the environment and the people around it.

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