PHSE renews the IATA CEIV PHARMA Certification of Excellence

PHSE has renewed the prestigious CEIV PHARMA certification awarded by IATA (International Air Transport Association) until 2025, demonstrating once again to meet the highest standards for pharma shipments in air freight, recognized globally by airport operators, airlines and pharmaceutical industries.

“CEIV Pharma is an independent certification process” says Alessandro Colasi, Head of International Department of PHSE. “This recertification ensures that our Global Forwarding division provides safe and temperature-controlled transport services around the world in full compliance with pharmaceutical manufactures’ requirements through a solid and continuous cold chain, guaranteeing product integrity, temperature stability and visibility along the entire supply chain. This requires refrigerated hubs, validated platforms for temperature and shipment traceability, dedicated specialized operators, GDP compliant transport, qualification of the routes by implementing risk analysis, experience in the management of active and passive containers, valuable partnerships with airport handlers and airlines qualified according to internal procedures and also IATA CEIV PHARMA certified. All of these skills are deployed every day to ensure a safe journey of drugs around the world ”.

This important renewal demonstrates PHSE’s commitment to achieving, and above all, maintaining levels of excellence in all the divisions in which it operates, dedicated exclusively to the Healthcare & Biopharma sector: from capillary distribution to global forwarding, from clinical trial logistics to home delivery, up to the transport of radiopharmaceuticals by air. A very complex service used predominantly in the oncology field, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the ability to guarantee administration to the patient within 48 hours.

PHSE, a network with national owned-assets, holds numerous other certifications including TAPA TSR 1 Certification (Truck Security Requirements), ISO 9001-2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), GDP 2013 (Good Distribution Practices) Certifications. PHSE has also obtained the certification issued by the Life Sciences Logistic Council with a high rating relating to the evaluation of the areas: Governance, GDP, 231 and Sustainable Development.

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