PHSE: a warehouse in Bologna, 110 new vehicles and Rfid on every package in 2023

To the challenges presented to the healthcare logistics sector over the past year (and more) PHSE will try to give a multifaceted response in 2023.

“In the first half of the year we will open a new strategic node in Bologna, to rebalance incoming shipments from the North towards the Adriatic ridge and thus decongest the Lazio hub. In addition, we will change our headquarters in Campania, moving to one that will have ten times more space than the current one,” announced the quality manager of the company – three of the most important in Italy in the logistics management of clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and biological samples – Paolo Gagliardi La Gala, during the conference ‘Healthcare Logistics: New Balances to Win the Challenge of Capacity’ of the Contract Logistics Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, which took place this morning. Not only. Phse, which the manager described as a “market leader” in particular in the segment of products in the 2°-8° temperature range, will develop its strength in that relating to shipments in the 15°-25° range to hospitals with the entry into the fleet, from March, of 101 dedicated vehicles.

The investments of the company controlled by Eddy De Vita and indirectly participated by Nb Aurora will not be limited to physical assets, however, but will touch the technological sphere, given that, added Gagliardi La Gala, Phse plans to implement an eQms system (for the digitalised and paperless management of quality processes) during the year, as well as to extend the use of RFID codes to every single parcel (and no longer therefore to every shipment or pallet). “We think this is the way to go in order to receive big data that can be used in the future not only for product tracking, but also to develop projects for transport planning, also using artificial intelligence”.

Returning to the results of the research presented during the morning, the manager also said that he “found himself in the trends” exposed, both in terms of the increase in production costs, especially those for the energy needed to maintain the plants (80 per cent of the company’s plants are at 2°-8°), of fuels and packaging, and in relation to the growth in shipments, which in the case of Phse was 9%, with peaks particularly in the Triveneto and Campania regions, and reached +35% for the 15°-25° range, which as seen, the company is now supporting with new investments.


Fonte: articolo Supply Chain Italy

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